Energy Consultants for Commercial Facilities

With nearly four decades of experience operating commercial facilities, Sports Power Partners is uniquely positioned to advise our customers on energy efficiency, while implementing clean energy solutions that will reduce expenses and improve profitability. 

With energy costs rising around 5%-8% per year and our access to fossil fuels decreasing, it is time for a shift in how we power our commercial facilities. 

Affordable Solar Energy Solutions

While the high upfront cost of solar is typically outside the range of most facilities, Sports Power Partners connects our clients with solar investors who cover the cost of the energy system, and pass on substantial savings on to the customer, thus saving money and reducing their carbon footprint. 

Our clients will save money, reduce their reliance on limited fossil fuels, and appeal to their customers by being part of a significant shift towards sustainability. 

Case Studies

College Park Athletic Club - Chicago, IL

In the Fall of 2018, Sports Power Partners will install over 1,200 solar panels at College Park Athletic Club, which will produce over 80% of its annual energy consumption, and nearly eliminate CPAC‘s reliance on traditional grid energy. 

As the premier tennis training facility in the Midwest, over 60 sports trainers at CPAC use over 700,000 kWh each year, which is the equivalent of burning 350 tons of coal through traditional energy methods. In partnership with Sports Power Partners, CPAC will drastically reduce its carbon footprint, lock in a lower cost for energy, and reduce its dependence on large utility companies. 

In the end, CPAC will end up saving $250,000 in energy expenses over the life of this solar panel system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wrong with traditional energy? Why is solar energy the solution?

About half of the energy that is used by the U.S. comes from coal- a toxic, non-renewable, resource that is increasingly harder to obtain. Countless mountains have been destroyed to find this resource, negatively impacting surrounding communities. Oil and natural gas also provide much of our electricity. These non-renewable resources are also increasingly more difficult to obtain worldwide, subject to constant price fluctuations, and largely harmful to our environment. 

The sun has always been a predictable resource that actually provides enough energy for the entire world to use. Our ability to harness that energy has only now improved to the point that we can reduce or even eliminate our reliance on non-renewables like coal, oil, and natural gas. In the long run, using solar energy will be the cheapest way to power our daily lives.  

Why is Sports Power Partners different than any other solar installer?

We leverage our vast network to finance and install the system that will power your facility. We have spent nearly 40 years operating large facilities, so we know what it is like to run your business on a day-to-day basis.  We have also built solar farms, formed and sold solar companies, and consulted for the world’s largest renewable energy leaders.

How much does it cost to install a system with Sports Power Partners?

A typical solar panel system is extremely costly, which prohibits most athletic facilities from ever considering going solar. A 1 megawatt system can easily cost $1-2 million to install. 

Our customers can power their facilities for little, or even nothing down. We partner our clients with solar investors who own and service the system for decades, while feeding clean energy to their business and saving our clients money. 

Depending on system size and utility usage, most of our customers will save over $250,000 over the life of the solar panel system.

What assurances do I have that the solar system will work? And what about our roof?

We only partner with companies that offer 20-25 year warrantees on solar panels and use only top of the line inverters. We also perform roof and structural analyses and make sure your roof is in ideal condition prior to installation.

Our Team

Brian Wu - CEO

Brian Wu has over a decade of experience owning, leasing, operating, and consulting successful  large-scale athletic clubs across the Midwest. In this industry, Brian has become the leading spokesperson for renewable energy initiatives, and executes the day-to-day operations for Sports Power Partners. 

Jeff VanDixhorn - Partner

In addition to being chief advisor to Sports Power Partners, Jeff is the CEO of Club Automation (Daxko), the largest cloud-based software solution in the Athletic Club industry - with nearly 1000 large fitness clubs as customers. Under Jeff’s Leadership, the Daxko/CA software solution has been ranked the #1 software solution for ten consecutive years among Club Industry’s Top 100 Clubs. 

Benj Ecker-COO

Benj has years of experience is in the operations and construction management for large facilities.  He oversees system design and municipal permitting for our solar and storage projects. 

AD Enterprises

A California-based energy developer, AD Enterprises has produced several large solar and wind projects across the US. With a focus on utility scale EPC, AD Enterprises has been advising energy investors, utility companies, and equipment manufacturers for over 20 years- across both the private and public sectors. 

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